Armoon K89 Smartwatch



Product Warranty Valid For: 1 Year


1. MTK first low-power dissipation chipset from MTK2502C
2. Professional statical and dynamical heart rate monitor
3. Traditional classic watch design, super smart watch experience, you become the model
4. 1.2 inch IPS round capacitive touch screen
5. Support Gravity senor, Gyroscopes, analysis your running state, remind your for a walk after long time setting, Anti-lost, remote capture
6. OS: Nucleus, Above of iOS 7 And Above of Android 4.3

1. Notification from phone: Msm, Gmail, Email, MSM, MAIL,Twitter, yahoo. Weather in time, Miss call, Yahoo
2. Remote music: Open your phone music by watch
3. Alarm Clock: Call you wakeup every day
4. Call history: Synchronous phone records
5. Pedometer: Fitness housekeeper
6. Various dial shows: Change the dispaly to change the mood
7. Time: When you want know the time, raise your hand
8. Looking my phone: Press an Icon to find your losing phone
9. Phonebook: Find the Phone number who you want to dail
10. Clock display: Easy to see the time, don’t go over mobile phone
11. Sedentary remind: Sedentary office life, remind your take a walk
12. Detection of sleeping: Know more about your sleeping
13. Remote capture: Travel, no one to help you take photos and set, watch do it for you
14. Calendar: What day today
15. Heart rate monitor: Detect whether aerobic exercise
16. Miss call: You will know what your friend said without take the phone
17. Calculator: You know how to use
17. Recorder: Record what you want to save
18. Change the page by shaking hand: If you don’t want to do, I change page for you
19. Lingt the screen by raise hand: I will light up when you want know the time

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