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Genius S115 Speakers – 2.0 Channel, 1W RMS, Volume Control, Headphone Jack, USB Powered, Ideal for Notebooks & PC – Blue, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty

Product Overview
Don’t be limited by a power adapter, Genius releases cute mini speakers, SP-U115, whose power is supplied through a USB port from a desktop/notebook. They use 50mm speaker drivers for loud and clear sound performance for a total of 1.5 watts RMS. It has a convenient knob on the side to adjust the volume. Just insert the USB plug to a PC/notebook for power and the 3.5mm audio plug into music playback device, such as a PC, notebook, MP3 or CD player and enjoy music with the SP-U115.
• Total RMS output: 1.5 watts 
• Total peak power: 3 watts 
• Power supplied by USB port from desktop/notebook 
• Selected 50×50 mm speakers for clear sound 
• Glossy front panel 
• Volume control
-These affordable and compact USB speakers can be connected to your desktop or laptop in a matter of seconds, 
-Giving you the volume boost needed when listening to music or watching movies. 
-The SP-U115 speakers only need to be connected to your computer: no extra wires are needed.
-The speakers can be directly connected through a USB cable and a 3.5mm jack.
-When needed, these two short wires can be easily hidden behind your system. 
-The volume control on the side of one of the SP-U115 speakers is a simple way to adjust the sound output.
-This saves you from the trouble of adjusting the volume levels in your operating system.
•Stock code- 317-31006102
•Description – Genius S115 Stereo USB Powered 2.0 Channel Speakers 
•Type Laptop/Desktop Speaker  Mini USB powered speakers with gloss finish
•Form Factor-Ideal companion for PC or notebook use
•Side facing volume control dial
•Total output power: 1.5W Total RMS output (3W peak power) 
•Driver Unit  Satellite: 2-inch, 8ohm
•Signal-to-noise ratio: 80 dB
•Power Source: USB Powered
•Active (independent) 
•Frequency out – 200 Hz 
•Frequency in – 18,000 Hz
•Converters: Clear sound performance from 50mm drivers
•Audio Connector: 3.5 mm jack
•Colour: Blue
•Dimensions: (W x H x D ) 70 x 111 x 70 mm 
•Weight: 400 g

Package Contents
 ● Two speakers
 ● Multi-language user’s manual

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