Frequently Asked Questions

A List Of Some Of The Most Common Questions We Get Asked.

What Delivery Methods Are Available?

We Offer Three Methods Of Delivery Throughout South Africa, To Meet Your Standards & Convenience:


Door To Door Delivery: This Is Our Most Preferred Method Of Delivery, And Is Selected By Default. Upon Placing Your Order, Your Items Will Be Packaged & Collected By A Courier, Who Will Then Deliver The Package To The Address You Provided. This Delivery Takes Place On A Monday To Friday Between 8AM – 5PM, So Please Enter An Address Where You Will Be Present During These Times (Such As Your Work Address, If Necessary.)

Postal Office Delivery (Upon Request): If You Require Us To Deliver Your Order To The Nearest Post Office In Your Location, Please Let Us Know Directly Through The Live Chat In The Bottom Right Or Request It In The Additional Notes Field* When Placing Your Order.

Pick’n’Pay Drop-Box Locations (Upon Request): Select Orders Can Be Delivered To The Nearest Pick’n’Pay Location To You, Which You Can Conveniently Collect From. To Find Out If Your Order Qualifies For This, Please Contact Us Through The Live Chat Feature Or This Form

Collection: Collections are not available as we don’t hold stock on our premises. However, since we offer FREE SHIPPING on more than 90% of our products, (except large appliances like TV’s and Subwoofers) there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just kick back and chill, while we deal with the headache called “traffic”.

How Long Will Delivery Take?

We Provide Tracking Numbers With Each & Every Product We Deliver, So You’ll Have The Relief Of Always Knowing Where Your Package Is, And How Long It Will Take To Arrive.


Please Refer to the delivery times stated for the individual product you are interested in. However, to give you a broad estimation on delivery times, we will break them down into 2 groups as follows:

Imported Stock: All items that are classified as being Imported in the product’s title and/or description, take approximately 3-7 Working Days to be delivered to your door. There may be possible delays at Customs, however we work very closely with them to provide the necessary documents for fast clearance. Did We Mention That You’ll Never Have To Pay Import Taxes & Duties? We Cover That For You!

Local Stock: The much less complicated process, Where we aim to satisfy within 1-3 Working Days to any door in South Africa. All items that have no “Imported” markings are local stock.


What’s More? We Provide FREE DELIVERY On More Than 90% Of Our Products (except large appliances like TV’s & Subwoofers)

What Is Your Return Policy?

So, Your Package Just Arrived, But You’re No Longer Feeling The Same Love For It The Day You Placed Your Order?


No Worries! You’ve got 7 days from the day you received it to return it, if you’ve changed your mind. As long as the package has been unopened, with all seals & plastic still in tact so that we can resell it again, and you’ll get a full refund! We also allow returns for up to 30 days for all purchases, however there are some conditions here. Click Here to read more about our Return Policy

Refunds may be issued immediately as In-Store Credit, or alternatively we can transfer the full amount back into your account within 2-3 Working Days. (Minus Shipping Costs, Sorry. Those Are Not Refundable, Unless You Pick To Recieve Your Refund In Store Credit!)

What Payment Methods Are Available?

We Have A Multitude Of Payment Methods Available


  1. Instant EFT: This is our preferred method of payment, as the payment usually reflects almost instantly and this let’s us prepare the package for delivery as soon as possible. You may even notice that we usually offer a discount to those who purchase using Instant EFT
  2. Bank Transfer or Deposit: If you would prefer to do a Direct Bank Transfer or Deposit, please select this method at checkout and you will be shown our account details to transfer the amount to. Please allow 1-3 days for payment to reflect in our FNB account.
  3. Mobicred Monthly Installments: The great guys over at Mobicred have put together an elaborate service that allows any South African to make a purchase online, easily with their credit facility. MikroTech fully supports Mobicred’s 12/24 month payment plans for all of our products, and we highly recommend checking them out & perhaps even creating an account here
  4. Cash On Delivery: Unfortunately, we currently do not support Cash On Delivery. However we are looking into adding this in the future.

How Can I Track My Order?

We Make It Easy For You To Know Exactly Where Your Order Is, At All Times.


Upon placing your order, you will instantly recieve an e-mail from MikroTech containing your receipt, warranty number, and tracking number.

Simply copy the tracking number provided in the e-mail, and paste it in the field on the Track Your Order page.

How Can I Make Money With Your Affiliate Program?

We’ve Made It Extremely Easy For YOU To Make Money


Alright, hold up… I wasn’t suggesting that you quit your job, yet. But it would absolutely be possible for you to make a steady income as an affiliate with MikroTech. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for an affiliate account by visiting our Affiliate Page
  2. Once you’ve registered, you can create a unique link for yourself: (For example
  3. You can then share this link with your friends & family, on Facebook & WhatsApp, or maybe even your own YouTube channel.
  4. When someone you referred makes a purchase, you will earn between 5-8% as a commission.
  5. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, but we have something extra to offer. You will earn commission on ALL ORDERS THEY PLACE WITHIN THE NEXT 100 DAYS!

To Break It Down Further…

Once you’ve completed the hard work of sharing your link, each person who clicked on it will become a potential source of income for you, for the next 100 days. But why would they buy from MikroTech, you ask?

  • We have, arguably, the largest selection of electronics among any other South African retailer. This alone covers many people’s wants & needs to provide them with the exact gadget they’ve been looking for.
  • We’re not just competitive on prices, often having the lowest in the country, but we’re also competitive on our gaming. With plans to develop an eSports Tournament website soon, we don’t want to unveil too much just yet. (It’s a surprise!)
  • We’re a community-driven store. We are blessed to have some of the greatest South African’s in our community of followers, and each one of them has an opinion that matters equally to us!
  • Did we mention FREE DELIVERY?
  • Still not sure? Click Here to learn more about our affiliate program.

How Do The Loyalty Points & Rewards Work?

“Only A Life Lived In The Service Of Others Is Worth Living” – Albert Einstein


This may very well be our motto here at MikroTech. We believe that you get what you give, to put it in blunt terms. That’s why we’ve created the sweetest loyalty points program around, to show our appreciation for our die-hard fans & their continued support!

The Quick Breakdown:

  • For each purchase made, you automatically earn 1% back in Loyalty Points
  • Based on the category for each product you’ve purchased in the past, you gain a unique Membership for that category. This grants you free access to exclusive content such as 100’s of 3D Models to print out with your brand new 3D Printer!
  • Weekly challenges to complete to gain extra Loyalty Points!
  • & So Much More! Click Here To Learn More.

How Can I Contact You?

We’d Love To Hear From You!


Whether You Need Assistance, Or You’re Just Looking To Strike Up A Friendly Conversation. You Are Always Welcome To Contact Us In One Of The Following Ways:

WhatsApp, Call Or SMS: 066 203 6786


Through The Live Chat Feature In The Bottom Right, From 8AM – 8PM Monday To Friday, And 9AM – 7PM On Saturday & Sunday.